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Hey there! I’m Claire.

I’m a 27 yo living in Paris. I share my flat with a furry roommate named Maurice. I love to discover and learn new things, and spend hours knitting, crafting, reading (usually under several blankets, because I’ll never have too many of them) and writing for the blog, one hand on the keyboard and a cup of infusion in the other (exciting, I know!).

After an education in industrial design and 4 years working as a designer on several innovation projects, I’m now in the process of changing my activity and do more for the blog (and spend time on other personal projects I have).

On minimal-plan.com, I’m sharing the organization system I use to keep my professional and personal projects on tracks, using Ryder Carroll’s bullet journal system and more. So this blog is all about tips to stop procrastinating (most of the time) and to (finally) get your life together.

You’ll find plenty of posts about productivity (and how to spend more time on the things you like), project management (even though you’re not working as a project manager), but I’m also writing about stationery, gratitude and how to develop a sense of audacity and live intentionally.

This blog made me braver, and better in so many ways, and I’m forever grateful for all the amazing people I already met within the bullet journal community. I hope this is just the beginning of the adventure!
Please keep commenting on the blog (your words are basically my everyday fuel) and feel free to email me. I’m always happy to answer your questions!